About your trash collection schedule:

Some residents are assigned a “color” that establishes when their collection day will be. If you reside in a “color” collection zone, your collection day moves forward one day after every observed holiday. These “color zones” are: Navy, Pink, Ruby, Gold, or Gray.
If you’re unsure of your next collection day, you’re encouraged to call the Color Collection hotline, 24 hours, 7 days a week, to find out your collection schedule.
NAVY customers can call 614-645-NAVY (6289);
PINK customers can call 614-645-PINK (7465);
RUBY customers can call 614-645-RUBY (7829);
GOLD customers can call 614-645-GOLD (4653);
GRAY customers can call 614-645-GRAY (4729).

In lieu of a “color” zone, some residents are assigned a two-day window in which their containers are to be serviced. Regular collection typically occurs on the first day of the two day window. During the week of an observed holiday, however, service will occur on day two of the two-day window, if regular collection falls on or after the observed holiday.

To view or print the Rotating Holiday Calendar, please CLICK HERE


Recycling and yard waste collection occurs on the same day, every other week. Residents are assigned to either Zone A or Zone B for each day of the week. During the week of an observed holiday, if your collection day falls on or after the holiday, your collection will be delayed one day. (Friday collections will be picked up on Saturday.) Your collection day will then return to its normally scheduled day the following week.

To view or print the Single Page Recycling and Yard Waste Calendar, please CLICK HERE